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…the next chapter

After having the time of our lives in the United States, myself and my family flew home on New Years Day, an exact year after making the previous New Year resolution to say YES TO LIFE! What a year 2010 had turned out to be, the holiday being like the icing on the cake and the cherry on top! So what was the resolution going to be for 2011? While I had been away, the Nike logo ‘Just Do It’ had followed me around everywhere so I decided that this would be it! This was the year that there would be no stopping me hehe!  The first call with my mentor after the holiday was very exciting, he could hear a change in my voice, a heightened belief in myself and my life, an excitement and an eagerness to take it to the next level!

A few days into January, my two kids were playing in my son’s room and I heard my daughter saying “there’s the view we had from our hotel room on holidays”…my ears pricked up and I decided to investigate what I had overheard! As I entered the room, I could see the kids looking at a family Vision Board that we had completed a couple of years earlier. After watching the film, The Secret, I had been fascinated with Vision Boards and John Assaraf’s story of manifesting the exact dream home that he had on his Vision Board without even knowing it! I loved the concept of it and we had spent some fun hours at our kitchen table cutting and sticking our pictures onto our very own Vision Board! Now, it had been up on my son’s bedroom wall for those couple of years and, at this stage, we didn’t even see it anymore, you know how you get so used to what is in your environment that you don’t even notice it after a while! Well, little did I know that the next couple of minutes were going to be a very significant turning point in my life!

As I stood there looking at this collection of pictures I was astounded at what I saw! On it was a picture of the view that we had from our hotel room on holidays…now I had previously booked a different hotel but had decided to change our booking to this one! Then I noticed a life-size gingerbread house (what can I say, my son has a sweet tooth LOL) and, when we had stayed  at our previous hotel, there had been a life-size gingerbread house in the foyer which was only there for the Christmas period, and YES, the picture on our Vision Board was in a Christmas setting! Next, I noticed an American racing indie car, and we had visited a racing track during our holidays and had pictures taken beside …you got it…indie cars, even to be precise enough to have the number 4 on the front of both of them! There was a picture of a pirate ship out on an ocean on our Board and we had taken pictures of a pirate ship offshore!!! At this stage, the energy in the room was electric, we were jumping around with excitement at the sheer ‘coincidence’ of it all but I knew that there was something more to this!!! I telephoned my mentor and told him that I knew what my next step was going to be…I was going to run Law of Attraction Vision Board Workshops and show people my own personal experience with our Vision Board and assist anyone that wanted to follow their passions and create the life of their dreams! I couldn’t keep this to myself, it was too much to keep quiet! And so, this led me to hosting my own Vision Board Workshops! And you bet I had the magazines and books out the very next day to make a brand new Vision Board and I’ve been cutting and sticking ever since!!!

A week or so later, as I was preparing for my first Workshop, I had been chatting to my mentor and he had mentioned a quote from the bible which was Matthew 13:12 “For whoever has, to him more shall be given, and he will have an abundance; but whoever does not have, even what little he has shall be taken away from him”. That evening, as I was looking for something in my bedside locker, I found a couple of little handmade book marks that my Dad used to use himself…he was an avid reader just like me and a very wise man indeed. I’m really not sure how I was in possession of these and when I looked at one of them, there was a quote from the bible written on it and YES, you guessed it, it was the exact same quote that we had talked about earlier, which really sums up the basis of the law of attraction… There and then, that very special moment of my life, I knew that I was on the right path! I had shivers and it was as if the Universe stood still! I had the realisation that, if I stayed true to myself and what I love to do, everything would be revealed in due course! I had nothing to worry about, all I had to do was trust in this awesome divine energy that permeates every particle of the Universe, what you wish to call it is irrelevant, how you personally experience it is all that matters! And I had just had a very personal experience of it, I was overwhelmed at the beautiful precision of it! You couldn’t plan it if you tried!  This quote is actually now used as the basis of Rhonda Byrne’s new book “The Magic”! How did I miss out on that opportunity to write a book about it eh! Ah well, there you go!

So, with joy in my heart and passion in my soul, I set out on my new journey of running Vision Board Workshops and my own personal success with mine has been awesome! There have been many celebrations along the way as I watch my imagination transform into physical reality before my very eyes! It is so much fun co-creating with this divine intelligence which flows through me and you and everything in existence. Now, ultimately, I know that my happiness doesn’t lie in the attainment of anything that is on my Vision Board, my happiness lies within myself! Have you ever noticed that when you get something new, like a car. It sparkles for the first while, you are washing it and keeping it so clean and shiny. Then, after a while, it doesn’t seem just as glossy and, eventually, it loses its ‘newness’! However, the person that you become along the journey to creating the life of your dreams is what is very exciting! You grow in proportion to how far you stretch and your choices are unlimited! YOU ARE LIMITLESS, YOU CAN ACHIEVE ANYTHING YOUR MIND CAN CONCEIVE, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!! I had the great pleasure of visiting NASA in Florida and, during one of the presentations, an astronaut said that every child should go in to its teacher and ask them to open the dictionary on the page with the word ‘impossible’ on it and cut the word out, that nothing is impossible!!! I bet anybody who has been blessed enough to see the ’round ball we call Earth’ from the vantage point of space must have a whole different perspective of how they view life and the Universe! How amazing must that be!

So, my friends, we are all here together at this moment in time, travelling on this beautiful planet through space like Earth tourists…LET’S MAKE IT A MEMORABLE JOURNEY!!!


If I can assist you in any way on your ‘memorable journey’, you are very welcome to contact me by email which is Please visit my website to find out more about how I can assist you and, if you are ready to take your life to a whole new level and reveal the REAL YOU,  I look forward to hearing from you!

Love from me, Marie XXX




And the story unfolds…

Now the real fun begins! I started to put all my new-found awareness into practice. It was time for the ‘Magical Kingdom’ to see some ‘Magical Action’! Before my experience with my mentor, after having read the many self-help and spiritual books, having watched the movie, The Secret, many, many times, and listened to personal development cds, I had achieved a certain amount of ‘success’ on an internal and external level but not to the extent that I felt they were all talking about. I soon discovered that it’s one thing reading and watching and listening to all this material, but it was another thing actually LIVING it! And this is what I began to do (about time I hear you say hehe)!

One thing I started to realise about all of this is that repetition plays a vital role. You see, we all have internal programmes in our subconscious mind that are running the show (our lives) that, a lot of the time, we aren’t aware of. When we are born, we are pure divine beings with no judgements or inner criticising committees! To put it simply, we are unconditional love wrapped up in skin, bubbling with beauty and joy and enchantment, totally trusting of everybody and everything. We have complete faith in our internal and external world and there is nothing only the Land of Now. A baby isn’t concerned about what people think of it or where their next meal is going to come from or what it looks like. A baby just is it’s beautiful, awesome self! However, over time, it discovers that if it cries, it will be lifted, if it behaves a certain way, it will be treated a certain way. So a programme begins to form and it starts to behave in ways to ensure that it will be loved and accepted in this world! Let’s face it, we all want to feel loved, it is a basic human need for survival. And so their lives unfold in accordance with what programmes are running within and they begin to forget who they really are! This is where I began to realise that my ‘inner programme’ was determining my ‘outer world’ and it would continue to do so unless I began to run a new programme, one that reflected who I really am, one that expressed my authentic, beautiful, confident self! What a relief to realise that this was actually possible, that I didn’t have to feel this way for the rest of my life! And so I set about creating my new programme, with the help of my mentor, and what I found to be most astonishing was the transformation that happened with constant repetition, it’s like a balance shifts from the old programme to the new one over time and you start to believe all these wonderful things about yourself, and that anything really is possible if you believe it is! I recognised that whatever image I had about myself was what was reflected in my life, and my mentor was my ‘believing eyes’ until I was able to believe in myself! This is such a precious gift to give somebody, the gift of believing eyes, the gift that you believe in the person, even when they don’t believe in themselves!

So, as I started to believe in myself, I started to believe that anything really is possible! I arranged to have my first class on my birthday in my home, something that I hadn’t the courage to do before this! And guess what I did on that first day…as soon as I opened my mouth I burst out crying with pure emotion, I couldn’t believe that ‘little old me’ was doing this! Can you believe it!? And I loved it! What a special moment! This was the start of a whole new chapter in my life and things just kept getting better and better! Each class allowed me to blossom and find my voice and I am very grateful for the wonderful friends that gathered in my living room and made this transition so easy for me! There was plenty of laughter and some tears and I have very fond memories of this time.

Then, an opportunity arose to travel to the United States and I jumped at the chance and planned a family vacation! This was such a fantastic way to put the ‘law of attraction’ to the test and I discovered that ‘you have to do the thing to get what you need to do the thing’…i.e., you have to decide that you are going to do something in order to manifest the way in which you can!!! I literally had to jump off the cliff to see that I could fly! How else could I talk about the law of attraction to others and say that it works if I wasn’t practicing it myself so HERE GOES! And boy oh boy does it work! I have to add here that you must have lots of courage to trust in it at first because sometimes what you need may not appear until the very day that you need it, but it comes! So, off we headed on our trip to the USA and this was the start of the next chapter!

To be continued…

Love from me, Marie XXX



And so for the next chapter, thanks for continuing the story with me…

During this part of the journey, I really began to feel the benefit of working alongside a mentor! I noticed that boundaries I had subconsciously put around me were dissolving, barriers I had placed before me were now falling away. Each time I faced what I had previously feared, another part would be revealed. All this seemed to happen as if by magic but I know that these were all ways in which I had been preventing myself from being true to myself, that amazing me that was inside, bursting to come out and say hello to the world! It felt like I had placed myself in a box and now I had removed the lid and jumped out! Oh the joy! I felt free for the first time in a long time, a feeling of finally being comfortable in my own skin and this was such a beautiful feeling! The only way I can describe it is that I felt like I was shining from the inside out and there was no way of hiding it! When you are happy, it has to show and I felt every cell in my body was dancing with happiness!

It was so funny, around this time, people I had known for years actually walked past me on the street, they didn’t recognise me because I also started to look different! One girl said “What have YOU being doing!”…I just had to laugh! My lovely husband and family also started to notice the changes in me, I became more easygoing and laid back, things that used to ‘press my buttons’ no longer did. They saw me blossom before their very eyes and laughter became a very common sound within the four walls of our home! Alleluia!

So what exactly had I been doing! Well, while working with a mentor, you are constantly encouraged to expand your comfort zone and challenge yourself to uncover all the beauty and uniqueness that lies within, to reveal your confidence, self belief and greatness and connect with your purpose and passions! I have to admit, there were times when I just wanted to run in the opposite direction at a hundred miles an hour and my mentor would say ‘Marie, that’s perfectly ok, off you go, it will just get harder’! Each time I heard that I just knew that this was it, it was NOW OR NEVER! I had, for the first time in my life, an opportunity to become the person I had always dreamed of being and I wasn’t going to let myself throw it away!!! I was committed to revealing the real me so I rose to the challenge and I began to feel confident, something that I had lost along the way over the years. I couldn’t believe that I was now beginning to feel like how the books had predicted, at long last! I had read about people having an instant awakening but, for me, it was a gradual process. However, when it all starts to fall into place, it feels instant!

This is where I started to notice the magic of life. So called ‘coincidences’ emerged everywhere I went and I was dazzled by it all! The Universe began to reflect back to me how I was feeling. When you are in the flow of life, it is truly amazing how you begin to attract everything that is on your vibration…people, situations, opportunities, books, feelings, colours, words, numbers… One of the key elements of staying in the flow is to FEEL GOOD, so I soon discovered that the more I got sucked into a drama, the more drama I would attract! That is one that I think you have to personally experience to ‘get it’! I have attracted AMAZING SYNCHRONICITIES over the last couple of years and that is a whole other story in itself, maybe even a book LOL!

Of course, life is naturally filled with an ebb and flow and that is just the way it is. We are designed for change and growth so there is no ‘sitting on our stump’ and going nowhere! While working with a mentor, you learn tools to navigate the terrain and how to adjust to how your surroundings are changing and ‘go with the flow’. It is different for everybody because we are all coming equipped with our own individual experiences and perceptions but, ultimately, there are certain things that will work for everybody. So now, when something occurs to attempt to wobble me, I can whip out one of my ‘tools from my tool belt’ and apply it to the situation! It’s fantastic!

To be continued …

Love from me, Marie X



And so the story continues…

On 7th March, 2010, I attended a Dream Analysis Class in Dundalk, Ireland. My friend was hosting this event for a Dream Analyst called Patrick Wright from Dublin (I always say he is the WRight man for the job lol). So, on that gorgeous sunny Sunday morning, I drove along the same road that I had driven on for 40 years, but little did I know that everything was about to change! I had always been interested in my dreams and had kept a dream journal over the previous few years. In fact, I had been interested in spirituality for quite some time now. It’s strange how life has a funny way of showing up in order to bring you in the direction of where your soul wishes to guide you.

So, on that date, I got an opportunity to speak with Patrick about my most recent dream and he so brilliantly analysed it. I really felt a connection with this man and, as I was getting up to walk away, he held out his hand to shake mine and he said “Welcome to my world!” I thought, what an amazing thing to say, I wonder what he meant? Now, when I went home that evening I suddenly had the realisation that I would work alongside this man in the future and what he should have said to me also was “Buckle your seatbelt and get ready for the ride!!!” Hehe.

As part of attending the Dream Analysis Class, we were able to contact Patrick for a period of a month afterwards to help us analyse our own dreams and learn the unique language of dreams (which seems like a different language when you don’t understand it). Needless to say, I was going to seize the opportunity when it had been presented to me and I telephoned him on the following Tuesday! I can safely say that this was the start of an AMAZING journey! I could remember dreams vividly every morning for at least 6 weeks, waking up and reaching for my pen and dream journal, allowing them to flow onto the pages. In fact, I sometimes would get up in the middle of the night to write down a dream that I thought I might forget in the morning! I found myself going to bed really excited about what was going to happen in my dream, each day I could feel that magic and healing were taking place within me while I was sleeping. When I spoke to Patrick and told him about my last dream, it was as if he was reading my diary. It was absolutely incredible, I was amazed at how accurate my dreams were reflecting my life, both past and present. There were laughter, tears, confusion, exhillaration, fear, love, clarity, courage, joy and anger experienced during those intense weeks, sometimes all within the one conversation!!! I couldn’t believe that, at last, I had manifested someone who completely understood me on my journey and was always able to answer any question that I asked!

I began to feel a lot more confident, new friends started to emerge and I began to come alive to the beauty that was surrounding me. As Take That sings “and the world comes alive” in their song “Greatest Day”. It was also very interesting that on the first day after meeting Patrick, my husband had put Take That’s album in my cd player for me and that was the first song that played on it, there are no coincidences in this universe! Take That began to be the song that myself and my two kids would listen to each morning as we drove to school, singing on the  tops of our voices, I wonder what people thought of us with our mouths wide open driving along hehe! What a wonderful way to start off any day! We approached each day with the thought that it could be the greatest day of our lives so far, what could possibly happen that could change the course of our lives, who might we meet, what news would we receive? I have to say that this period of my life has to be one of the most excting times I can remember. For the first time in a long time I FELT ALIVE, I loved my life, I felt such gratitude for all the wonderful things that was happening and for all the beautiful friends I was making.

To be continued…

Love from me, Marie X



Once upon a time there was a girl called Marie Fay and she was living quite an ordinary life in her ordinary kingdom. She was going about her life wondering if this was it! After being diagnosed with post-natal depression, she set out on a quest to find deep inner happiness and joy. Part of her personal journey brought her to reading many self-help books, a selection of which were The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma, Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson, Conversations With God (all the books) by Neale Donald Walsh, Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers, all the Abraham Hicks books, many Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer titles. Bit by bit, Marie managed to come off her anti-depressants and discoverd a place within herself that she had forgotten existed!

In 2009, after some very difficult personal circumstances, Marie was crying out for answers to the many questions that she had about life and why she was here. She knew that there had to be somebody out there that could help her to take her life to the level at which these authors seemed to be at! One evening in November 2009, herself and her husband watched a film called “Yes Man” with Jim Carey as the main actor. Something shifted within her. The penny dropped. She realised that maybe her life was a reflection of how she was responding to life around her. The character in the film was living his life in a closed manner, saying no to any opportunities that came his way. That was it! In December 2009, on New Years Eve, Marie made the New Year Resolution that she was going to say YES to life! Little did she know how making that decision would change the rest of her life!

That girl is me, I am Marie Fay and I would love to share my story with you about how saying Yes To Life has changed my life forever! I now consider myself living in a Magical Kingdom! Saying Yes To Life caused me to shift from a place of resistance to a place of acceptance of life around me. Suddenly, the world seemed like a whole different place, much more exciting and colourful. How could this be? I mean nothing major had changed in what was happening around me so why did it seem different. Gradually I realised that it was because I was FEELING different. How could it have been so immediate, so easy?! Every day I started to wake up feeling happy and alive, the first words leaving my mouth being ‘Thank You for another day on this wonderful planet called Earth’ as my feet hit the ground! I discovered that, by being open to what this wonderful world had to offer, opportunites start to appear from ‘out of the blue’, I met wonderful new friends and I also met MY MENTOR! At last, somebody to answer any question that I ever had about life, I found somebody that totally fitted me like a glove, if you know what I mean!

To be continued …..

Love from me, Marie X



The book of your life!

Isn’t it interesting that when we flick through an ‘unwritten in’ notebook it sounds a particular way and when we write something on a page or many pages, the sound changes! I love that! So, when you make a mark on the pages of the book of your life, the essence of those pages changes sound, colour, texture…the book feels, looks and sounds totally different! It has been transformed into something that carries wisdom, emotion, creativity, personality, individuality and uniqueness! Everything about the pages of YOU are thought made manifest in reality. The words appear from the universal mind through the medium of you! The miracle of it all! The beauty and magnificence of it!

So keep writing on the pages of the book of your life, keep filling your book with exciting, interesting, beautiful, love-filled, emotional stories, keep living and feeling ALIVE! Fill the pages of each chapter of your life to the full! Oh and don’t forget to enjoy the journey to the ‘and they all lived happily ever after’ part!

Your book of your life speaks volumes to the world and the essence of who you are will live in memory forever!

Love from me, Marie