Revealing the Real You


And so the story continues…

On 7th March, 2010, I attended a Dream Analysis Class in Dundalk, Ireland. My friend was hosting this event for a Dream Analyst called Patrick Wright from Dublin (I always say he is the WRight man for the job lol). So, on that gorgeous sunny Sunday morning, I drove along the same road that I had driven on for 40 years, but little did I know that everything was about to change! I had always been interested in my dreams and had kept a dream journal over the previous few years. In fact, I had been interested in spirituality for quite some time now. It’s strange how life has a funny way of showing up in order to bring you in the direction of where your soul wishes to guide you.

So, on that date, I got an opportunity to speak with Patrick about my most recent dream and he so brilliantly analysed it. I really felt a connection with this man and, as I was getting up to walk away, he held out his hand to shake mine and he said “Welcome to my world!” I thought, what an amazing thing to say, I wonder what he meant? Now, when I went home that evening I suddenly had the realisation that I would work alongside this man in the future and what he should have said to me also was “Buckle your seatbelt and get ready for the ride!!!” Hehe.

As part of attending the Dream Analysis Class, we were able to contact Patrick for a period of a month afterwards to help us analyse our own dreams and learn the unique language of dreams (which seems like a different language when you don’t understand it). Needless to say, I was going to seize the opportunity when it had been presented to me and I telephoned him on the following Tuesday! I can safely say that this was the start of an AMAZING journey! I could remember dreams vividly every morning for at least 6 weeks, waking up and reaching for my pen and dream journal, allowing them to flow onto the pages. In fact, I sometimes would get up in the middle of the night to write down a dream that I thought I might forget in the morning! I found myself going to bed really excited about what was going to happen in my dream, each day I could feel that magic and healing were taking place within me while I was sleeping. When I spoke to Patrick and told him about my last dream, it was as if he was reading my diary. It was absolutely incredible, I was amazed at how accurate my dreams were reflecting my life, both past and present. There were laughter, tears, confusion, exhillaration, fear, love, clarity, courage, joy and anger experienced during those intense weeks, sometimes all within the one conversation!!! I couldn’t believe that, at last, I had manifested someone who completely understood me on my journey and was always able to answer any question that I asked!

I began to feel a lot more confident, new friends started to emerge and I began to come alive to the beauty that was surrounding me. As Take That sings “and the world comes alive” in their song “Greatest Day”. It was also very interesting that on the first day after meeting Patrick, my husband had put Take That’s album in my cd player for me and that was the first song that played on it, there are no coincidences in this universe! Take That began to be the song that myself and my two kids would listen to each morning as we drove to school, singing on the Β tops of our voices, I wonder what people thought of us with our mouths wide open driving along hehe! What a wonderful way to start off any day! We approached each day with the thought that it could be the greatest day of our lives so far, what could possibly happen that could change the course of our lives, who might we meet, what news would we receive? I have to say that this period of my life has to be one of the most excting times I can remember. For the first time in a long time I FELT ALIVE, I loved my life, I felt such gratitude for all the wonderful things that was happening and for all the beautiful friends I was making.

To be continued…

Love from me, Marie X


Comments on: "YES TO LIFE PART II" (8)

  1. lyn villiers said:

    well! I really enjoyed reading that exciting instalment of your life my sweet and it made me think of a dream I had about a month ago…..I have always wanted to be a writer and on this particular night, I went to bed and I had the most vivid dream ever. I was told what to write about, meaning, the subject matter, I was told the book would be an outstanding success and dig this! I was also told, it would be sold as a motion-picture too! BUT upon waking, I cannot for the life of me, remember what the subject matter of the book was……very upsetting I must say! oh well, my fault for not keeping a pen and paper by the bed, to jot down my dreams….. xx

    • Hi Lyn, thanks for sharing your dream, thats fabulous! You remember only that which you’re meant to, so no worries, all will unfold naturally. Are you writing daily and letting the Universe know that you are ready for the ‘inspiration’ to flow…it is all there ready to be expressed through YOU! I’ll watch this space! πŸ˜€

  2. I’m hooked!!! YES to Marie!!!

  3. LOL Clodagh! πŸ˜€

  4. Can’t wait for the next exciting episode. It’s nice to have been of service to you on your path of self discovery. Keep them flowing.
    Love Always

    • Thanks my lovely mentor,Patrick, I appreciate you very much! The journey has indeed been very exciting and you have been alongside guiding me every step of the way!
      Much love always,
      Marie X

  5. Hey Marie I have 1 word LOVELY. Thank you for sharing and blessing others

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