Revealing the Real You

And the story unfolds…

Now the real fun begins! I started to put all my new-found awareness into practice. It was time for the ‘Magical Kingdom’ to see some ‘Magical Action’! Before my experience with my mentor, after having read the many self-help and spiritual books, having watched the movie, The Secret, many, many times, and listened to personal development cds, I had achieved a certain amount of ‘success’ on an internal and external level but not to the extent that I felt they were all talking about. I soon discovered that it’s one thing reading and watching and listening to all this material, but it was another thing actually LIVING it! And this is what I began to do (about time I hear you say hehe)!

One thing I started to realise about all of this is that repetition plays a vital role. You see, we all have internal programmes in our subconscious mind that are running the show (our lives) that, a lot of the time, we aren’t aware of. When we are born, we are pure divine beings with no judgements or inner criticising committees! To put it simply, we are unconditional love wrapped up in skin, bubbling with beauty and joy and enchantment, totally trusting of everybody and everything. We have complete faith in our internal and external world and there is nothing only the Land of Now. A baby isn’t concerned about what people think of it or where their next meal is going to come from or what it looks like. A baby just is it’s beautiful, awesome self! However, over time, it discovers that if it cries, it will be lifted, if it behaves a certain way, it will be treated a certain way. So a programme begins to form and it starts to behave in ways to ensure that it will be loved and accepted in this world! Let’s face it, we all want to feel loved, it is a basic human need for survival. And so their lives unfold in accordance with what programmes are running within and they begin to forget who they really are! This is where I began to realise that my ‘inner programme’ was determining my ‘outer world’ and it would continue to do so unless I began to run a new programme, one that reflected who I really am, one that expressed my authentic, beautiful, confident self! What a relief to realise that this was actually possible, that I didn’t have to feel this way for the rest of my life! And so I set about creating my new programme, with the help of my mentor, and what I found to be most astonishing was the transformation that happened with constant repetition, it’s like a balance shifts from the old programme to the new one over time and you start to believe all these wonderful things about yourself, and that anything really is possible if you believe it is! I recognised that whatever image I had about myself was what was reflected in my life, and my mentor was my ‘believing eyes’ until I was able to believe in myself! This is such a precious gift to give somebody, the gift of believing eyes, the gift that you believe in the person, even when they don’t believe in themselves!

So, as I started to believe in myself, I started to believe that anything really is possible! I arranged to have my first class on my birthday in my home, something that I hadn’t the courage to do before this! And guess what I did on that first day…as soon as I opened my mouth I burst out crying with pure emotion, I couldn’t believe that ‘little old me’ was doing this! Can you believe it!? And I loved it! What a special moment! This was the start of a whole new chapter in my life and things just kept getting better and better! Each class allowed me to blossom and find my voice and I am very grateful for the wonderful friends that gathered in my living room and made this transition so easy for me! There was plenty of laughter and some tears and I have very fond memories of this time.

Then, an opportunity arose to travel to the United States and I jumped at the chance and planned a family vacation! This was such a fantastic way to put the ‘law of attraction’ to the test and I discovered that ‘you have to do the thing to get what you need to do the thing’…i.e., you have to decide that you are going to do something in order to manifest the way in which you can!!! I literally had to jump off the cliff to see that I could fly! How else could I talk about the law of attraction to others and say that it works if I wasn’t practicing it myself so HERE GOES! And boy oh boy does it work! I have to add here that you must have lots of courage to trust in it at first because sometimes what you need may not appear until the very day that you need it, but it comes! So, off we headed on our trip to the USA and this was the start of the next chapter!

To be continued…

Love from me, Marie XXX



  1. Congratulations Marie on having the courage to do it !

    You are my inspiration and I love your zest for life and your sheer determination and commitment to manifesting your desires!

    Thank you for sharing your journey and your helpful tips.

    Love ya loads !!!

    • Thanks a million Marian for that wonderful comment! I really appreciate your encouragement and ‘likes’, it’s a pleasure to share the journey with you! Soul sista! LOL!

      Love ya loads too! Marie X 😀

  2. Love reading your story. 🙂

  3. Love it!! Believing Eyes – fabulous!! Thank you for your courage, Marie!! xox

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