Revealing the Real You

…the next chapter

After having the time of our lives in the United States, myself and my family flew home on New Years Day, an exact year after making the previous New Year resolution to say YES TO LIFE! What a year 2010 had turned out to be, the holiday being like the icing on the cake and the cherry on top! So what was the resolution going to be for 2011? While I had been away, the Nike logo ‘Just Do It’ had followed me around everywhere so I decided that this would be it! This was the year that there would be no stopping me hehe!  The first call with my mentor after the holiday was very exciting, he could hear a change in my voice, a heightened belief in myself and my life, an excitement and an eagerness to take it to the next level!

A few days into January, my two kids were playing in my son’s room and I heard my daughter saying “there’s the view we had from our hotel room on holidays”…my ears pricked up and I decided to investigate what I had overheard! As I entered the room, I could see the kids looking at a family Vision Board that we had completed a couple of years earlier. After watching the film, The Secret, I had been fascinated with Vision Boards and John Assaraf’s story of manifesting the exact dream home that he had on his Vision Board without even knowing it! I loved the concept of it and we had spent some fun hours at our kitchen table cutting and sticking our pictures onto our very own Vision Board! Now, it had been up on my son’s bedroom wall for those couple of years and, at this stage, we didn’t even see it anymore, you know how you get so used to what is in your environment that you don’t even notice it after a while! Well, little did I know that the next couple of minutes were going to be a very significant turning point in my life!

As I stood there looking at this collection of pictures I was astounded at what I saw! On it was a picture of the view that we had from our hotel room on holidays…now I had previously booked a different hotel but had decided to change our booking to this one! Then I noticed a life-size gingerbread house (what can I say, my son has a sweet tooth LOL) and, when we had stayed  at our previous hotel, there had been a life-size gingerbread house in the foyer which was only there for the Christmas period, and YES, the picture on our Vision Board was in a Christmas setting! Next, I noticed an American racing indie car, and we had visited a racing track during our holidays and had pictures taken beside …you got it…indie cars, even to be precise enough to have the number 4 on the front of both of them! There was a picture of a pirate ship out on an ocean on our Board and we had taken pictures of a pirate ship offshore!!! At this stage, the energy in the room was electric, we were jumping around with excitement at the sheer ‘coincidence’ of it all but I knew that there was something more to this!!! I telephoned my mentor and told him that I knew what my next step was going to be…I was going to run Law of Attraction Vision Board Workshops and show people my own personal experience with our Vision Board and assist anyone that wanted to follow their passions and create the life of their dreams! I couldn’t keep this to myself, it was too much to keep quiet! And so, this led me to hosting my own Vision Board Workshops! And you bet I had the magazines and books out the very next day to make a brand new Vision Board and I’ve been cutting and sticking ever since!!!

A week or so later, as I was preparing for my first Workshop, I had been chatting to my mentor and he had mentioned a quote from the bible which was Matthew 13:12 “For whoever has, to him more shall be given, and he will have an abundance; but whoever does not have, even what little he has shall be taken away from him”. That evening, as I was looking for something in my bedside locker, I found a couple of little handmade book marks that my Dad used to use himself…he was an avid reader just like me and a very wise man indeed. I’m really not sure how I was in possession of these and when I looked at one of them, there was a quote from the bible written on it and YES, you guessed it, it was the exact same quote that we had talked about earlier, which really sums up the basis of the law of attraction… There and then, that very special moment of my life, I knew that I was on the right path! I had shivers and it was as if the Universe stood still! I had the realisation that, if I stayed true to myself and what I love to do, everything would be revealed in due course! I had nothing to worry about, all I had to do was trust in this awesome divine energy that permeates every particle of the Universe, what you wish to call it is irrelevant, how you personally experience it is all that matters! And I had just had a very personal experience of it, I was overwhelmed at the beautiful precision of it! You couldn’t plan it if you tried!  This quote is actually now used as the basis of Rhonda Byrne’s new book “The Magic”! How did I miss out on that opportunity to write a book about it eh! Ah well, there you go!

So, with joy in my heart and passion in my soul, I set out on my new journey of running Vision Board Workshops and my own personal success with mine has been awesome! There have been many celebrations along the way as I watch my imagination transform into physical reality before my very eyes! It is so much fun co-creating with this divine intelligence which flows through me and you and everything in existence. Now, ultimately, I know that my happiness doesn’t lie in the attainment of anything that is on my Vision Board, my happiness lies within myself! Have you ever noticed that when you get something new, like a car. It sparkles for the first while, you are washing it and keeping it so clean and shiny. Then, after a while, it doesn’t seem just as glossy and, eventually, it loses its ‘newness’! However, the person that you become along the journey to creating the life of your dreams is what is very exciting! You grow in proportion to how far you stretch and your choices are unlimited! YOU ARE LIMITLESS, YOU CAN ACHIEVE ANYTHING YOUR MIND CAN CONCEIVE, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!! I had the great pleasure of visiting NASA in Florida and, during one of the presentations, an astronaut said that every child should go in to its teacher and ask them to open the dictionary on the page with the word ‘impossible’ on it and cut the word out, that nothing is impossible!!! I bet anybody who has been blessed enough to see the ’round ball we call Earth’ from the vantage point of space must have a whole different perspective of how they view life and the Universe! How amazing must that be!

So, my friends, we are all here together at this moment in time, travelling on this beautiful planet through space like Earth tourists…LET’S MAKE IT A MEMORABLE JOURNEY!!!


If I can assist you in any way on your ‘memorable journey’, you are very welcome to contact me by email which is Please visit my website to find out more about how I can assist you and, if you are ready to take your life to a whole new level and reveal the REAL YOU,  I look forward to hearing from you!

Love from me, Marie XXX



  1. Marie, What an honest and open blog you have created. I have passed this onto so many people that have so appreciated it that they want to hear more about your plans/vision of the future. The best question I have been asked form most of them is “can anyone change their life in as short time? or is it that Marie was just one of the lucky ones.

    Some people have such low self esteem issues that they can’t believe they could be so lucky to even draw such a powerful mentor like Marie Fay into their lives. They somehow think that she has found the key to happiness and success and that, that key is the only one. They don’t seem to know that THEY are the key and that Marie is only the gate keeper to their wonderful life.

    I can honestly say that Marie Fay can be the best gift you could ever give yourself. She has such an “I Can Do – You Can Do” attitude.

    If your so lucky to be able to avail of Marie’s Mentoring program…I can guarantee, that You Will Never Look BACK.

    I am honoured to be able to call Marie one of my most valued and loving friends. When she is in your company it feels as if you have been covered in fairy dust. You just cant help feeling that you are important and that you can do anything you desire.

    She is an amazing uplifter to the core of her being and her healing smile is quite AMAZING.

    I Love Her for what she is and what she is becoming.

    Watch out world…your in for a CHANGE.


    There is great love here for you…always.

    • Dear Patrick

      I am totally overwhelmed and humbled by your beautiful comment, what a glowing recommendation! Yes, as my mentor, you have shown me that I am the key to my own happiness and everybody else holds their own key for theirs, it’s just a matter of uncovering that inner awesomeness! I have been so blessed to have met you on that March morning and my life has just skyrocketed since! However, I do realise that I had to make the decision that I wanted to choose this journey and there was no stopping me! I was ready and waiting for the opportunity and I seized it when I saw it! I bet there were times when you thought you’d never get a bit of peace from the questions after questions!!! Thanks for being so patient with me!

      You are a very unique and special person in this world Patrick,I recognised your greatness as soon as I met you and I am honoured to know you! Thank you for showing me a way to live that is just ‘off the scale’ superb. I have never met anybody that is always eager to assist in such a positive and lighthearted way and your sense of humour is just fab! I am so honoured to say that you are also one of my most valued and loving friends and it is natural to be myself in your company! In fact, it was the most natural thing in the world to blossom into my real self while in your company!

      From all of my heart, thank you thank you thank you Patrick Wright! I have travelled this journey with you for 2 years now and I have enjoyed every single moment of it! May we continue to travel the path together, sharing our gifts with the world!

      May our lights shine brightly so that others may feel able to let their own lights shine in our company!

      Love always and in all ways, Marie X

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