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… Friedrich Nietzsche

It’s now that time of the year again when school starts back and the kids begin a new adventure of learning and exploration and fun and activities. For me, there is always a wonderful feeling of newness and anticipation at this time, a real air of excitement! Everything seems fresh, everybody appears eager to get started on their quest for knowledge, ready to embrace all the new experiences that await them over the coming year! And then there are all the new books, new copies, new stationery supplies … pencils are pared and at the ready for making their mark on the blank pages …! Oh and how I love the smell of new books, it just transports me to another place hehe!

I can’t believe how quickly the summer months have flown by, each week has been filled with much fun and activities and I have watched as my two sweethearts have blossomed! It is such a pleasure to be able to spend so much time with the children and immerse myself in moments that will never come around again. We are so quick to forget that kids only have one childhood and each summer slips into being but a memory! I see it so often after the holidays, kids seem to just grow up so much over those few weeks, they change and mature that bit more into the next chapter of their lives, it thrills me to watch them become more and more themselves! I have reflected upon this and I can see that a period of rest and rejuvenation is so very important to living a balanced life, for everyone, not just the kids! As adults, we are so quick to feel like we need to be doing something all the time in order to feel fulfilled, reaching for those goals, chasing those dreams, go go go! It can become like an addiction, making our ‘to do’ lists and impatiently waiting for those dreams to manifest! But sometimes within this ‘superpowered’ living, we forget to notice all the beauty that is around us, we don’t take the time to catch our breath and just BE. So when I look at the children after their school break and see how ‘clear’ they are after taking a step back to just chill out for a while, I can see how this period of ‘funpowered’ living fuels them to take their next leap forwards!

So let’s maybe give ourselves permission to relax and unwind and temporarily let go of the need to accomplish everything ┬ánow! It is absolutely wonderful to have dreams and goals and hopes and desires, they are the very essence of the expansion of life and what gets us up and out of bed every morning with an excitement in our bellies! However, sometimes we forget to enjoy the in-between times, hanging our happiness on the arrival of the manifested desire and wallowing for the short while in the rush of elation and joy! Your life is happening in every moment you are breathing, your dance encompasses every inch of your existence, and taking time out to prepare for the next chapter is part of that dance! It allows you to let go of the old and welcome in the new! It gives you an opportunity to look through a new lens at your life and offers you the chance to refuel and reflect on where it is you would like to go, what it is you would like to do! And sometimes, in this time of rest, things that seemed really important to you before suddenly don’t seem just as important any more and you change your focus onto other things bigger and better! When you allow yourself to settle and become calm, this is the magical place that you can SEE CLEARLY!

So after spending a summer embracing some ‘funpowered’ living, I am now ready and eager to take a LEAP FORWARDS! Are you?

Until next time,

Love from me, Marie XXX