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“Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire”

… St. Catherine of Sienna

My 10 year old daughter arrived home from school today with her little fingerprints on a piece of paper, each one individually stamped boldly in blue ink. I looked at them, and then I looked at her, smiling from ear to ear, seeing her uniqueness right there in blue and white on that bit of paper, captured in a moment in time! The realisation in her eyes that not one person that ever lived or ever will live would have the same prints was absolutely awesome, what a magical scene!

And what a reminder for me about how we are all part of this giant jigsaw puzzle we call Life, all being part of the whole and yet each carrying our own special individual print that makes us different from everyone else! Imagine that we are all born an original, delivered into the Land of Infinite Possibilities with the opportunity to leave our imprint wherever we go, discovering what makes us come alive, finding out what our gifts and talents are, uncovering our true greatness that is ours and ours alone! If we would all open up to this gift, then life can be magical! We all have these prints at the end of our fingers that tell us that we are an individual person with an individual path leading to an individual destination. However, as we are all A PART of this jigsaw puzzle, we are all in this together and we are all forming the complete picture of a collective image.

And guess what most of us do at some stage during our lifetime, or sometimes for our whole lifetime, just guess!? Yes, we dismiss our individuality and our uniqueness as we try to be like somebody else, we try to swop our fingerprints! Doesn’t that sound so absurd that we want our ‘piece’ to be exactly like another ‘piece’ when our own ‘piece’ carries a necessary pattern to complete the whole picture! We are so often in such a hurry to be just like our friend or our neighbour or our sister or our brother that we totally dismiss who WE are! Now, it’s perfectly natural to take a look around us and see others that we admire and aspire to be like, feeling attracted to certain personalities and qualities in others, being inspired by their amazing achievements and talents, for example, maybe an accomplished athlete, a published writer, a world renowned speaker, a famous singer/songwriter, a leader in your particular area of interest in life. It is an absolutely amazing feeling to be inspired by others, feeling that, yes, anything is possible, saying to yourself “well, if they can do it, then I can do it!” I know that there have been many people who have inspired me during my lifetime, and continue to do so on a daily basis. However, it is important to remember that you are here with your own originality, and you are here to do your thing in YOUR own unique way, not the way that somebody else does it! Your job is to create YOUR way, YOUR path, YOUR beautiful masterpiece! And then, together as we each focus upon our own specialness, the jigsaw puzzle becomes complete in a way that is pure perfection and flow, each piece gently blending with every other piece, each bit easily joining with the rest, forming a collage of masterpieces in unison with all!

So, PLEASE take the time to make an imprint of your fingerprints, just like my daughter today, and look at them each day to remind you of YOUR uniqueness! You were born an original, don’t die a copy! 🙂

“Be your own version of original, not someone elses!” … Marie Fay

So until next time,

Love from me, Marie XXX

Marie Fay, Life Mentor and Coach