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“Eat to live, don’t live to eat” ~ Dr. John DeMartini

A lot of people are asking me about my recent 30 Day Detox so I thought I would put it in a blog for you! I think it is important to highlight the reason why I did it, your ‘WHY’ is key in motivating you to do anything, it makes it so much easier and enjoyable! You have to WANT to do it, to be ready!
So, here goes …

I had a wonderful start to 2015, setting new goals and attending Showcase Ireland at the end of January in Dublin, Ireland, networking with so many amazing people and meeting new and potential new customers. Upon returning home, I was all ready to continue my momentum but my body had other ideas! Guess what, I got the mother of all influenzas which kept me under the weather for 5 weeks, something that has never happened to me before! Needless to say, I overindulged in some ‘sweetness’ and handy nibbles to help me feel better which really didn’t do any good for my symptoms!

Anyhow, four weeks ago I woke up and decided that it was time to get back on track, and one of the areas I wanted to address was my diet. I decided to do a 30 Day Detox, do a clean sweep. I have done this detox before, and having followed Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo’s Eat Right For Your Blood Type in the past, I know what suits my body. I find it is a powerful tool to allow my body to come back into balance, and I love the feeling of my cells literally zinging with energyI I had a deep desire to feel vibrant, healthy and energised again and that was my ‘WHY’! And after all, your body is your temple for your earthly journey, it is your home for your life, so it makes good sense to look after it and treat it well!

So, basically, I just tuned into what felt right for me to do. It is very important that you feel good about what you are eating and drinking during your detox, and always! Guess what my first thing was to ditch … of course, sugar! I also cut out tea/coffee, wheat, most dairy, certain meats and alcohol. I consciously choose to eat superfoods like heaps of vegetables in juices, soups, salads and stirfrys, smoothies, fish, chicken, brown rice, eggs, nuts, seeds and LOTS and LOTS of water to flush out any toxins being released during the detox. I also take supplements on a daily basis. I am now intending to continue on my conscious eating journey, having done it before, I know the absolute benefits there are in doing so. Trying out new recipes and using a natural sugar substitute in baking makes the path fun, you don’t really feel like you are missing out on anything, and the FEEL GOOD FACTOR outweighs anything else!

Of course there are other factors to feeling really good and to living consciously, it is a combination of body, mind and spirit …


This is a transformation programme that will launch you into a whole NEW YOU, giving you tools to live a life you love, feeling motivated, organised and rejuvinated! If you want a thing bad enough you will do it! It’s time to harness your will and go for it!

Say YES to your life!
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