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The book of your life!

Isn’t it interesting that when we flick through an ‘unwritten in’ notebook it sounds a particular way and when we write something on a page or many pages, the sound changes! I love that! So, when you make a mark on the pages of the book of your life, the essence of those pages changes sound, colour, texture…the book feels, looks and sounds totally different! It has been transformed into something that carries wisdom, emotion, creativity, personality, individuality and uniqueness! Everything about the pages of YOU are thought made manifest in reality. The words appear from the universal mind through the medium of you! The miracle of it all! The beauty and magnificence of it!

So keep writing on the pages of the book of your life, keep filling your book with exciting, interesting, beautiful, love-filled, emotional stories, keep living and feeling ALIVE! Fill the pages of each chapter of your life to the full! Oh and don’t forget to enjoy the journey to the ‘and they all lived happily ever after’ part!

Your book of your life speaks volumes to the world and the essence of who you are will live in memory forever!

Love from me, Marie