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After the birth of my first child in 2000, I was elated, albeit a little overwhelmed with this little bundle of joy! There just seemed like there was so much to do, to organise, to think about! I soon settled into a good routine with him, finding my feet in my new role as a mother, enjoying all the different stages of his development. However, looking back at that time in my life now, I didn’t take good care of myself physically, mentally or spiritually. Eating seemed to be on the go, whatever was handy, something for a quick energy boost to combat the tiredness of night feeds and lack of sleep. Exercise was non-existent and my spiritual side got neglected. Within 6 months I started to feel quite unwell, and I became a total hypochondriac! After all, I had a little person depending on me now and I HAD to be well! After some consultations, I began to take better care of myself, it was a bit of a wakeup call I can tell you! I began to eat better, exercise and relax more, recognising that my wellbeing was just as important as the wellbeing of my little baby!

Fast forward on 3 years from the date of my first born (yes they both have the same birth date!), and my second little bundle of joy came rocking into the world, all pink this time, yes a girl! How happy do you think I was with this news, how blessed were myself and my husband to have a healthy boy AND a healthy girl, you would think we won the lottery! The excitement was high, and lasted a while. That was until I started to feel unwell again, this time it was more emotionally. Long story short, I was diagnosed with post-natal depression and prescribed anti-depressants. They did give me relief from my symptoms but they also seemed to numb my emotions, everything seemed the same.

After being on this cycle for a while, I wondered if this was how I was going to live for the rest of my life. I was constantly looking for ways to create some excitement – when could we go on holidays, where could we go, what could we do, what could we buy? I attended counselling. I also did a lot of comfort eating during this time, looking for sweetness and pleasure in all the external things. My life was full of unhealthy choices. What was I going to do, how could I do something about it?

And then, a light appeared! You see, when you ask the question, the answer appears! I began to read again, something I loved to do in my younger days but hadn’t treated myself to this luxury for a long time. At first, it was romantic novels, a means of escape from my head into an imaginary world! I could feel a shift, I began to actually look forward to it. I decided, on medical supervision, to start to come off my medication. I took it slowly, journaling my progress and I did it! And I haven’t looked back! My world began to change, because I began to change! I started to make better choices for myself and my life, I began to read self-help and motivational books, and I explored my spiritual essence. My diet changed to a healthier one, and my exercise increased! I went for massages and relaxation sessions, making sure to take care of myself on all levels.

This is when I began to take a real interest in how you can actually turn your life around by using many transformation tools for body, mind and spirit. Your life really is a culmination of these three areas, and a balance is essential in each of these for healthy and happy living! I attended a health consultant and learned all about what foods are highly beneficial for me, and I met a Life Mentor who showed me how to harness my mind and energy to create the life of my dreams. Once I began to make changes in these areas of my life, I began to naturally make conscious decisions for myself and also my family environment! You could say that my life completely transformed bit by bit, day by day, sometimes hour by hour. It was a process, one that anyone can follow, one that is achievable by anyone. If I can do it, anyone can do it!

I decided, I committed, I dreamt, I did, I achieved, I am thriving. I lost 60lbs, I recovered from many different physical ailments, I gained heaps of energy and enthusiasm and I continue to reach for new goals and dreams every day. I love life! It has never been about weight loss, it has always been about feeling happy and healthy. It was really a very natural process, once I decided. I developed a deep sense of respect and love for my life and my body, I eased into it both gently and with great gusto. I realised that if I wanted to have the energy to be the person I wanted to be, to do the things I wanted to do, to follow my passion and fulfil my purpose, it was vital that I fell in love with myself and treated my body, mind and soul with the utmost care. I stopped judging myself and started loving me.

I continue on my Journey to Wellbeing every minute of every hour of every day and I love discovering new things about myself. I love sharing this journey with others and I love that every day you get to start fresh and I love seeing others thrive! I feel excited about my life and how it is unfolding! I run a successful business offering inspiration through my writing, mentoring programmes and products, with more expansion planned for the future! Lots of my visions and dreams have come to life! You see, I recognise that self-care is crucial to living a happy life, that looking after your body is giving you the best possible foundation for creating the life of your dreams, that taking care of your mind is vital for positive living and that connecting with your inner essence/spirit is the key to bringing it all together! Life really is as amazing as you allow it to be. Nothing changes until YOU decide to change, it all starts from within! The more you start making conscious decisions about your life, having deliberate awareness of your thoughts, choices and actions physically, mentally and spiritually, the more you will see the impact they have on your life. Balance in these three areas is key to living a healthy and happy life!

This is my passion. This is my purpose. This is for sharing.

Love from me, Marie #thecybercoach

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